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Introduction SmartCity 2017

A smart city (also smarter city) uses digital technologies to enhance performance and well being, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. Key 'smart' sectors include transport, energy, health care, water and waste. A smart city should be able to respond faster to city and global challenges than one with a simple 'transactional' relationship with its citizens.

IEEE SmartCity 2017 is aiming to be a premier international conference in smart city. This symposium is to bring together computer scientists, industrial engineers and researchers to discuss and exchange experimental or theoretical results, novel designs, work-in-progress, experience, case studies, and trend-setting ideas in the area of smart city include all aspects of smart city with emphasis on algorithms, systems, models, compilers, architectures, tools, design methodologies, test and applications.

IEEE SmartCity 2017 is the next event, in a series of highly successful International Conferences previously held as SmartCity 2016 (Sydneym Australia, December 2016), SmartCity 2015 (Chengdu, China, December 2015)ICPP--NEC04(Montreal, Canada, August 2004),ICPP-EC05 (Oslo, Norway, June 2005), ICPADS-PDES05(Fukuoka, Japan, July 2005), ICPP-EC06(Columbus, USA, August 2006), SEC-07 (Niagara Falls, Canada, May 2007), ICPP-EPDC07(Xian, China, September, 2007), SEC-08(Beijing, China, October 2008), and EmbeddedCom-09(Dalian, China, September 2009), EmbeddedCom-11(Sydney, Australia, December 2011),EmbeddedCom-12(Changzhou, China, December 2012), EmbeddedCom-13(Chengdu, China, December 2013), EmbeddedCom-14(Dalian, China, August 2014).

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